My Loss is Your Gain

Don't make the same mistakes I made when I began managing online marketing campaigns. Learn as much as you can from wherever, and from whomever you can.

My most successful online marketing campaigns came as a result of listening to the advice of other seasoned marketers, copy writers, designers, and web developers.

After years of web development in corporate America, in start ups, and in my own personal work, I found that I still had a lot to learn about marketing online. Although, I had many years of dealing with usability issues, reviewing and building attractive websites, creating Photoshop and Illustrator files for web pages, constructing databases, and doing front-end and back-end coding (10+ years in all areas), my best successes with online marketing came as a result of listening to the advice of other seasoned marketers, copy writers, designers, and web developers.

There was a lot that I brought to the table, but there was much more to generating online leads and sales than just organizing a site correctly and making it look nice (although, that's important too). The lessons I learned from my peers and advisors, and through reading about topics like marketing and psychology, have proven invaluable.

Had I not listened to the skilled marketers, web developers, and copy writers that I've had the pleasure of working with, the campaigns I have been involved with would not have been nearly as successful. If you are a skilled designer and/or developer, don't make the same mistakes I made in not giving new ideas a chance. If you're brand new to online marketing, then the "70 Secret Ways..." report will introduce you to easy to understand concepts that you can apply immediately to your own online campaigns.

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What Other Online Marketing Books and Reports Don't Do

Many of the books and reports that instruct on ways to improve your web marketing usually offer a very focused view on a specific area. For example, copy writers will instruct on copy writing, search engine optimization (SEO) experts will instruct on SEO, designers will promote layout and looks. They're usually helpful, but they often miss a lot of important points because they're one dimensional. Rarely do you find someone who can write copy that also understands the importance of HTML tags. You'd probably be expecting too much to have an SEO expert explain the importance of cool-looking buttons or form placement on a landing page.

They're usually helpful, but they often miss a lot of important points because of their one dimensional nature
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What Makes This One Different

What I've done with "70 Secret Ways" is to outline the most useful ideas around

...and the best practices around a few other topics that will give anyone a more well-rounded picture than what can be found in existing online marketing literature. The report also includes a checklist that you can use to evaluate your current online campaigns as well as anything else you currently have in the works.

"Ösome of the best concepts I've come across were given to me from other experts I've been very fortunate to have worked with"

Much of this information is readily available in books and on the internet, but you may not have the time to research how each of the areas can impact your online sales like I had to. In many cases, the ideas that I've presented in "70 Secret Ways" were passed to me from experts I've been very fortunate to have worked with. Even with the internet, oral traditions will never go away.

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Techniques You Can Use Now

What's most important about "70 Secret Ways" is that almost anyone can put many of the concepts to use immediately. Many of them are so easy to implement and have such a big impact that you'll be kicking yourself for not having put these little things in place a long time ago. There are also concepts that can easily enhance your current skillset if you already have a design, technical, marketing, or copy writing background.

Out of the 70+ methods presented, there's a good chance that there's at least one area that has been neglected in your own online marketing. Having a list of them handy with explanations has helped me out a lot during times when I can't remember even the simple techniques, and it will also be or great assistance to you.

You'll be kicking yourself for not having put these little things in place a long time ago.

I am confident that this 8-page report will hep anyone prepare a landing page that will generate more sales and higher conversion rates. Period. Whether you're selling electrical services, cosmetics, iPod accessories, pet food, whatever, the proven tactics that I've outlined can double your sales and leads when you apply them.

Get the report, save yourself hours (even days) of time-consuming research, and start using these tricks of the trade today.

Good luck in your online marketing and hereís to your profit filled days!

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A Message from Mo

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Get Results Now

Here's what you'll get when you download the report

  • 70+ techniques that you can put to use on your own web site.
  • A list of the tricks that were used to get listed number on Google for "best looking sites".
  • A one page reference checklist that you can use right now to begin making improvements to your web site.
  • A PDF file that can be used on your iPod, smartphone, or any computer or device that recognizes Adobe's PDF format.
  • Most importantly, you'll get back the time it would have taken you to put together a list like this for yourself.

      Report Pages

5 Reasons...

Why this document will help you generate more sales online.

  • Itís based on what actually worked on real landing pages, not on personal preferences or bias.
  • Many of the techniques are FREE and easy enough to use right away.
  • It will show you where even experts make big mistakes.
  • Youíll learn methods that many design professionals keep to themselves.
  • It lists strategies that show you how to generate more traffic to your site by just changing text position.

      What do I need to check for?

Proven tips and techniques that you can rely on.

Learn what techniques you can use to:

  • Make your site visitors more likely to click.
  • Ensure that your offer is remembered.
  • Make your landing page more appealing.
Meet Your Sales Targets

Smash Your Online Sales Targets.

Just 1 of the 70+ techniques can double your performance.

The techniques that Iíve outlined in this 8-page report have contributed to the success of my own site (currently ranked #1 on Google for "best looking blogs", "best looking web sites", "best looking logos", and "best looking fonts"), as well as to the success of the 50+ corporate online marketing campaigns that Iíve had a responsibility for. Get the report today, and learn some of the tricks I'm using in this landing page.

Maurice Wright,
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